Escort to Glorfindal

Gus and Garesh decided to help escort a merchant caravan from Qexelcrag to the elven city of Glorfindal on the western coast of Auborn. The caravan was also being followed by 112 civilian refugees from Flast and Ducpoor, who are fleeing the undead hordes.

On the fifth day out from Qexelcrag, the caravan could see smoke from fires on the horizon during the day. At night they could see light on the horizon from what must have been a massive forest fire to the southeast. That night the caravan pressed on until they could no longer move. Everyone was exhausted because the night before they had lost half of their horses in a troll attack and so they had to help push the wagons.

The party was roughly 125 miles south of the city along the eastern edge of the Delrad Mountain range when they were attacked in the middle of the night by a large group of undead. The undead overcame the caravan, burning everything to the ground and slaughtering all of the refugees. The only survivors being the 4 members of the party.*



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