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  • Grus Kus World-splitter

    Grus wants to be king of the dwarves, and annihilate the dark elves. He is missing his left eye after being ambushed by dark elves.

  • Gharesh Blackfang

    Garesh is descended from a line of black dragons. Garesh is from Ghrend. He is a rogue so he was outcast from the standard dragonborn society, due to his devious nature. He dislikes other dragonborn because of his exile and is likely to hold a grudge. …

  • Omincron Frosthammer

    Omincron was born in the human territory of the north. As a young child, his village was pillaged and destroyed by a band of elves. Luckily, he was able to escape the onslaught with only his right arm being scarred by fire. The arm may appear gruesome …